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Yay! You made your tattoo appointment and your on route to a new piece of art and personal evolutions and that’s just rad as hell so lets get prepped.

First time or 50th it makes no difference for much of the tattoo preparations, so some key things to always consider.

It’s a good idea to moisturize the area you are going to be getting tattooed, just a couple weeks before can make all the difference, using a light moisturizer is best, avoid heavy scents and tinted creams.

Hydrate and plan accordingly for the time we have booked, avoid excess substance the night before, hungover, strung out, bendered will have an effect on how well you sit, heal and comprehend your body mod, so get a good sleep if you can and save the celebrations for after.

Be comfy in your clothing, fashion is passion but for our tattoo time together comfort is key. Consider where you are being tattooed, leg? Bring some shorts. back? Bring a button down so we can simply turn it around.  Dress comfortable and feel free to bring a pillow or blanket, Im happy to help make a nest. If your unsure just ask.

Bring fluids! Water bottle or juice whatever you like, its important to keep hydrated. I have water but no bottles to cut back on the waste I ask that you bring your own vessel. Any snacks you want, you are welcome to eat have a break and fuel up. Especially for full day sessions, you need to eat, don’t deny your body the calories on tattoo day (or ever)

No matter the tattoo size or length of session its important to eat some breakfast. If you normally don’t eat breakfast, please do 100 percent for tattoo day! Your body will appreciate the calories, you can still have coffees and teas but extra water is a bonus for the body too.

Plan for the after time. Life is busy and wild, but after tattoo time you can feel pretty beat or you might be sailing on the tattoodrenilanes (not real word) so consider the departure. No matter what always, again, eat! Have a good dinner, your body will thank you. Trust me you’ve earned it! And getting tattooed does deplete calories, rapidly. so your body will be looking for energies.

Consider your travel times too, don’t get tattooed for an event or right before sunny vacay times. Tattoos need to heal properly and realistically cant be rushed for photo shoots or reunions.

But as always please reach out if you have any questions at all in regards to prepping for your tattoo day.



Yay! Your tattooed, you did it. Now its time to love and care for yourself and heal your tattoo safely and comfortably.

Physically you have had a pretty wild and unique experience and your body is going to need some tlc along the way to a happy heal, be sure to eat well and rest!

Bandages – this may vary, we could be using a few different types of bandages. The main ones I use at this time are hypafix and traditional absorbent pads. If you are wearing a hypafix or ‘’second skin’’ bandage I recommend a few days and nights of wearing this bandage up to 5 days, Its very user friendly and requires very little attention. The hypafix is clear so you will see the tattoo build up some fluids, this can look a liite strange but it’s a-okay and part of the process. Be sure to remove this bandage in the shower with warm water to release the adhesive safely and comfortably. It can be uncomfortable to remove so pull down and away or simple find an edge and roll it off, if you yank it off dry and with no sense of direction it’ll be rough in comparison to the warm shower and directional tug method.

I always show first timers to this bandage a little how to in house. Don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure. Give er  wash with dove soap ideally and pat dry, give it some air for that day.

If you have a dry bandage we will discuss in person the best path together, depending on size and location it can vary the time required.  Generally just  for a few hours or overnight, showering once the bandage is removed.

Your tattoo will take 2-3 weeks settle into its heal, and about 6-7 to be fully healed. In the first few days and week you can expect swelling, soreness some tender spots, this is all normal and part of the heal. during which time you will need to keep up with your aftercare routine, washing it daily with unscented soap ( Dove soap is great! And a few local soaps we can discuss in person) as well as light minimal moisturizer ( Avenno unscented is a good general moisturizer)  once daily or every other day. Less is more so do not feel the need to glob on piles of moisturizer, we want it to breathe and be comfy. The tattoo will slowly flake and release scabs and colourful flakes, this is natural and part of the healing process, don’t fret your tattoo isn’t falling out. After a couple weeks there may be a shine to the surface, this is a good sign and means your first few layers are healing well and your on your way to it being settled in and happy. After the 6-7 week period of heal you are set for most activities again, you can swim and work out like normal once more but always be sure to use sunblock to protect your tattoo from the rays of our sun, it will make a significant difference over the years.

Okay so here is a quick summary.

  • After you have been tattooed keep your bandage on for – 3-4 days for hypafix ( sticky bandage) 24 hours for absorbent pads.

  • After removing your bandage (in the shower for hypafix) rinse with warm water and dove soap, let air dry that night and following day.

  • Rinse and wash tattoo daily with dove soap and warm water. after 24/48 hours you can apply moisturizer sparingly and lightly once a day or every other day. Be very minimal.  

  • Do Not pick or pull on scabs or flakes that are releasing! Let them do that naturally.

  • Do Not submerge tattoo in still water, baths, hottubs and pools are off the docket for the first 2-3 weeks or until the tattoo is no longer flaking and scabbing.

  • You can shower! Running water is a-okay.

  • Protect it from the rays, keep it covered in the sun..

  • After you are fully healed always use sunblock  to protect your tattoo.

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have questions, its okay to not be sure and I’m here to inform and discuss.

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