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Well hello there! 

If you would like to book an appointment please fill out the submission form below, if you are interested in a piece I have shared include that information in your form. I'm currently focused on large scale ornamental tribal pieces, botanicals, birds and snakes and of course butterflies! very open to all sorts of projects but these are my focus. 

I'm located in Lanark county in a private tiny home studio space we DIY built with love. I'm also on a dead end and a private road, there are no buses or public transit.

 If you would like updates and insights to projects please feel free to sign up for my newsletter, you can expect only a few a year at the most!

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In your submission please include the following details. 

Subject matter, roughly the size, location, colour or black and Grey.  This will help the process move along smoother.

If you do not include these key details your submission form maybe overlooked so please include this information. 

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