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I work from my home studio in Lanark county and I also provide a small handful of sessions in Ottawa ON to accommodate my clients who have limited access to traveling.   

At this time I will be focusing on personal projects and will be giving priority to such. 
There will be a newsletter option to keep up to date on the project proposals, ongoing works, touch up days, and my wee tiny studio spaces ever evolving journey. 

This email will be sent periodically with the option of pre-booking projects and custom works from my sketch book ahead of officially opening my books. a sneak peak of sorts. 
so if you want the most up to date information the mailing list would be a good option, no pressure! 

Whether you stumbled upon my works whilst browsing or a recommendation from a pal I’m glad my artwork has inspired you to get the tattoo ball rolling.
Thank you again for reaching out to me,  and considering me for your project. 

Thank you!

In the City

Petal and Thorn Tattoo Studio 

212 McArthur Ave. Ottawa, ON

In your submission please include the following details. 

Subject matter, roughly the size, location, colour or black and Grey.  This will help the process move along smoother.

If you do not include these key details your submission form maybe overlooked so please include this information. 

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