Living Colour

362 Rideau St #1,

Ottawa, ON K1N 5Y8

Hey folks! there's some new information in regards to my location, hours and affiliations! 

Through all the covid times I've been working on my own little business of owning and operating a small private studio by the river. I will be offering private sessions in my studio come fall. I will keep everyone updated with that progress and journey. 

During this time I will be working part time in Ottawa with my family back at Living Colour Tattoo! They are big players in my big picture and certainly look forward to the support they have continued to offer while I grow new branches and leaves all about.  

If you have any questions or concerns or just want to touch base about our projects together please feel free to message me! 

I love you all and look forward to this new chapter and wild new world we will be making body art in together. 

Clients who were postponed due to covid will be contacted first and given priority in rebooking. I will always be posting new drawings and of course butterflies are always on the table. 

Please note that all appointments are booked by submission only. All submission forms are reviewed by myself. Priority is given to projects that give liberty to creative freedom. 

Here is some important information in regards to the new rules and procedures required as a result of our being able to reopen since Covid days. 

•    Masks There will be a need for masks. You must arrive with one on, you are not permitted to enter without one. if you do not have a mask, I will provide a disposable one for you. I do encourage bringing your own fabric one however, they help our environment and keep the PPE in stock for our service workers and health care practitioners.

•    Arrival You are asked to show up on time. No need to arrive a half hour early. And no lenience on showing up fashionably late. We will be setting up the few things we need to make your entry safe and organized. 5min before is best. 

•    Consultations We will no longer provide in house consultation, we will now work via email and video chat if necessary. This is to prevent traffic in the shop, you can expect drafts and finalized drawings ahead of your appointments to be sure we are good to go. No changes will be allowed the day of.

•    Moral support No bringing moral support. I’ll be there to yammer away the live long day but you may want some music, a Netflix flick saved or a book to read perhaps. With that being said it is also important to limit the number of items you bring. There will be a designated place for your items when you arrive, you’ll need to wash your hands and disinfect your items before sitting to be tattooed. (i.e. phone, water bottle etc. )
No friends or family are allowed to attend. You come alone, leave alone. No one can come in because their meeting you or picking you up. The doors will be locked and no one besides the human who was scheduled will be allowed to enter.  It’s strict for a reason. But you’ll see it’s for the best. 

•    Travel If you’ve traveled outside your region and our appointment is within 14 days you will need to rebook. For now these are still perimeters.

•    Covid Symptoms If you have any Covid-19 symptoms, please rebook your appointment no exceptions.

This information has been provided by Ottawa public health. If you would like to read more, please visit for further information on the shops rules and regulations. 

Thank you!

In your submission please include the following details. 

Subject matter, roughly the size, location, colour or black and Grey.  This will help the process move along smoother.


If you do not include these key details your submission form maybe overlooked so please include this information. 

Thanks for submitting!