Alicia Alderson

Lives & works in Ottawa, Ontario

Alicia Alderson began her tattoo career in 2011 when she received an apprenticeship in Rockland Ontario, however the owner disappeared in the night after 9 months of apprenticing. Dismayed but not derailed Alicia packed up what was left and moved to the city to further her pursuit of proper training. She found solace in a counter position at Living Colour, she later received an opportunity to further her apprenticeship under Jaime Wasmund and Kathy Mcguire.  Much of Alicias growth and development in her craftsmanship was founded here. 

Many years later Alicia was offered an opportunity to work in a co-operative studio recently founded by Sarah Rogers. The studio offered flexibility in projects and support for artists who are interested in private settings, producing a more refined and focused operation for creative endeavors in the craft of tattooing. 

Currently Alicia is working in Ottawa, Ontario at Virtue Tattoo and is focused on large scale geometric tattoos, flowers, butterflies and of course birds of all kinds, partial to the Phoenix undoubtedly.